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SinSlayers is a pixel-art turn-based strategy about sins and sinners.


SinSlayers is the game about several servants of once big and wealthy Empire. All wars were won, all inner conflicts solved, the honor and glory were split equally. People told legends about them and bards sang their songs. But being humans like us, no one lives forever. These heroes have their own stories, merits and rewards, but there is one thing that bounds them together - they are sinners, and their sins are huge. They were tired and their souls wanted to rest, but unknown forces kept them alive. Then one day everything changed. One day, when clear sky was covered with darkness and flash striked the center of town square, crimson flare outburst and covered everything around, When it was over and darkness faded away, those 12 heroes disappeared. They vanished without a trace and a bloodspill. Their story only starts there. They found themselves in the old church, in the nameless world and in the place known as Last Sinner Valley. And now, to come back to the world of living, undead souls of the heroes have to walk throug seven circles of hell and fight the dreadful enemies of all humankind, the incarnation of evil - Lords of Sins and their minions.


  • SinSlayers is a pixel-art turn-based strategy about sins and sinners.
  • 7 story act about each one of the sins.
  • Random generated locations for each story act.
  • 12 playable characters and 100+ pixel-art stylized monsters.
  • Planned release date MID 2018, but first Showcase Version available now on official website. And First playable Alpha Version will be available in START 2018


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We are a team of indie developers. We make games several years and have already released Alteric and Pandarama: The Lost Toys on the Steam platform. At the moment, we working on two new projects: Moth-o-War and SinSlayers.

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SinSlayers Credits

Pavel Shestakov
Programmer, goonswarm

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks