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Pandarama: The Lost Toys

Help the brave panda get his favorite toys back!

The cute panda named Pew lived in a forest in the land of Bo.

His ordinary day was monotonous yet quite pleasant.

He could climb up a tree… or play with toys… or chew some tasty leaves and fruit… Yeah, and sleep, of course.

Once on a bright sunny day Pew was playing with his new toy when out of a sudden he was attacked by a huge angry bird! The bird did not hesitate – it just grasped Pew’s box with the toys!
What’s next? The evil bird just scattered the toys around the forest! And Bunny, Pew’s favorite toy, was also taken away from him. The bird just screamed: “Bwq! Bwq! Bwq!” – and flew away…
Now it’s up to the little brave Pew to find and save poor Bunny! Help your new friend overcome all obstacles on his way, show him where to jump off a tree, how to catch a star. Try your best and stay incognito to the bird – change your looks as often as possible, so that the bird does not recognize who you are!

Find Pew’s stolen toys and save his precious Bunny!

– amazing graphics
– simple and amusing gameplay
– realistic physics
– over 45 fancy levels
– 3 unique bonus levels
– tons of different obstacles: spinners, throwers, drums, portals and etc.
– book of Pew’s achievements
– huge amount of different clothes
– hilarious story which uncovers angry bird’s plan

What to expect next?
– more astonishing levels
– more funny clothes
– few new chapters
– new persons, dialogues and story